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Zurich Motor Pack

The best way to drive calmly!

Motor vehicle liability insurance is a legal requirement for every motor vehicle owner.
In Spain, too, motor vehicle insurance is divided into liability insurance, partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive insurance.

We offer you an insurance that is tailored to you and your driving pleasure.

Zurich Versicherung

The 5 most important points to choose Zurich Motor Pack

  1. Assistance around the clock from kilometre 0.
  2. If you run out of gas, we’ll bring it to you. If you have a flat tire, we’ll help you change it.
  3. Two years after initial registration, your car is considered a new car.
  4. If you have lost all your driving license points, we will cover the cost of the course to recover them up to 500 €.
  5. In addition to the bonus of up to 55% for good drivers, Zurich’s no-claims bonus* will automatically give you a 10% reduction on the excess each year with Zurich’s no-claims bonus **.

* During the policy term ** Up to the minimum deductible of 180 €

Basic liability – good protection at a reasonable price.

Voluntary liability insurance

  • We are liable for personal injury and property damage if you cause an accident

Assistance on the road 24 h

  • You have a breakdown and need a towing service. We will send you a towing service in less than 60 minutes, otherwise you will receive 60 Euros.

Extended liability insurance – additional cover for windscreen breakage, fire, theft or total loss

Additional services

  • Windows
    A window is damaged by stone chips. We repair or replace it.
  • Fire
    Your vehicle partially burns down. We will pay you for the repair.
  • Theft
    Your car seat will be stolen. You will receive 300 euros for the purchase of a new child seat.
  • Performance extension
    Hail will damage your vehicle. Don’t worry, we will pay for the repair.

Fully comprehensive insurance with or without deductible – everything is included in the cover and you do not have to worry about anything.

  • Own damage
    At the pillar of a parking garage you drive a dent into your car. We will pay the repair costs.
  • Bonus in the amount of the excess for good drivers
    They do not make any damage reports. Your deductible is reduced by 10 percent every year, up to 180 euros.

We offer you optimal insurance cover and service for:

  • CAR
  • Motorcycle
  • Mopeds
  • Oldtimer
  • Motorhome

TIP: In the case of fully comprehensive insurance, it is worthwhile to agree on a deductible and thus reduce the premium. Beginners or drivers under 27 years of age can often reduce the premiums considerably if they are registered as second drivers. Do not make false statements to get a discount.

Hausratversicherung Mallorca

Building & household insurance

The best way to live calmly.

Protect your valuable possessions with Zurich building and household contents insurance.

Household contents insurance makes sense for almost everyone. The more valuable your furnishings are, the more important it is to prevent damage with a household insurance policy. With household contents insurance, you are not just protecting luxury furnishings or valuables.

Even if the washing machine runs out. Burglars or a fire devastate the apartment or a storm causes a lot of damage, it can be expensive.

It is therefore also advisable to take out household contents insurance if your current income or savings are not sufficient for the necessary new purchases or repairs in these cases.

Zurich Versicherung

10 reasons for concluding a contract

  1. Assistance for emergencies at home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  2. water damage, including ascertainment and repair of the damage
  3. Electrical damage to installations and equipment
  4. Beauty repairs to the building
  5. Replacement of the lock in case of robbery, theft or loss of keys
  6. Robbery outside the home
  7. Fire, explosion, smoke and soot
  8. Fraudulent use of credit cards, cheques and passbooks
  9. Liability insurance for private persons and family
  10. Spoilage of food in the refrigerator during power failure or damage
  11. Legal protection

Attention underinsurance!
If the value of your household contents is 100,000 euros, but you only insure 75,000 euros, you are underinsured. In this case, the insurance only compensates proportionally. If, for example, a stereo system worth € 1000,- was stolen, you will only receive 75% of the value. It is recommended to make a list with the entire household contents with the current purchase price.

TIP: For homeowners, residential building insurance is indispensable. Because in view of the high value of a property it can be difficult to pay for a large loss yourself and a total loss, e.g. through fire, can threaten your existence. If you finance your house through loans, you should make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover. 

Haftpflichtversicherung Boot u. Yacht

Boat & Yacht Insurance

Liability insurance for motor, sport and sailing boats.

If you cause an accident – especially with personal injury – the financial consequences can threaten your existence. We are there for you if third parties assert claims for damages against you. In addition to the insurance benefits required by law, we offer you comprehensive protection in the event of theft, storm, fire or collision.

Zurich Versicherung

Included insurance benefits

  • Statutory liability insurance as basic protection
  • Extended liability insurance
  • Total loss (fire, storm etc.) or theft
  • Boat Hull Insurance
  • Co-insurance of land and ferry transport
  • Forces of Nature
  • Accessories, personal effects, dinghy and sails
  • Legal protection
  • 24h emergency assistance

Lebensversicherung Mallorca

Risk life insurance

Protect your loved ones in case of accident or death.

Young families in particular should take out this insurance, so that the future of the family is secured in case something happens to the head of the family.

Many families are facing economic ruin and the life insurance to secure the loan, usually only the mortgage but no longer covers the family’s needs.

Zurich Versicherung

Recommended just in case

Young families in particular, with one main breadwinner, should under no circumstances be without this relatively cheap protection. A term life insurance should also be taken out if a large loan is taken out. It is also important for Mallorca residents that the partner is covered in the event of death to cover the costs of repatriation and burial.

Geschäftsversicherung Mallorca

Business insurance

We support you with optimal service, react quickly and efficiently.

The purpose of business insurance is to protect a company from claims for damages or losses that could threaten its existence.

Business insurance is not a single insurance policy, but a whole bundle of different insurance policies.

Depending on the individual situation, an entrepreneur can insure himself financially against various risks and dangers.

Zurich Versicherung

No business without business insurance!

Before making a decision, each customer must answer three questions:

  • Which protection is absolutely necessary? Without this policy, his existence would be destroyed in the event of damage.
  • What protection is advisable? If the protection is missing, the existence of the customer would be threatened in case of damage.
  • What protection is dispensable? This insurance only covers a small risk or the customer can bear any possible damage himself.

Beinhaltete Versicherungsleistungen

  • Liability ( employer liability, company liability )
  • Fire and robbery
  • Water damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Protection
  • Vandalism
  • Legal protection

Tip: The guaranteed sum insured should be updated annually to avoid that your sums insured are no longer up to date.

Gebäudeversicherung Mallorca

Owners' associations

With a large community of owners it is almost impossible to reach all owners. Those who own a condominium abroad often cannot participate
at meetings. We represent you on site, we speak Catalan, Spanish, English and German

We also offer complete insurance cover for the owners’ association.

Every condominium owner will have noticed the item “insurance” in the context of the cost statement of the owners’ association.

Zurich Versicherung

This should be worth your property

Experience shows, however, that very few owners know the scope of the community’s insurance; too often they rely on the community’s board and manager.

We would like to briefly introduce you to the general possibilities of this type of insurance. If you are interested, you can then have a copy of your policy handed to you, so that you can see for yourself any gaps or even overinsurance with your private property insurance.

Tip: Don’t forget: structural changes must be insured through the private owner. Every owners’ association policy covers the building portion ONLY in its original condition!

Don’t be afraid to obtain the information about your community insurance about every 3rd year; the benefits of the policy may have been changed without you being notified. Let us advise you

Hotelversicherung Mallorca

Hotel insurance

Of course, every industry is unique and requires individual and tailor-made solutions. Nevertheless, the hotel industry, i.e. the host industry, has very special situations and risks that have to be covered by elaborate insurance solutions.

Zurich Versicherung

Why are the risks for hotels so special?

Your customers trust you while they sleep – Special care for the guest and insurance policies tailored to this are necessary for a hotelier. Because unfortunately something can always happen.  Therefore, special requirements are placed on those for personal injury, property damage or financial losses.

Building is actually always done – hotels must constantly adapt to new guest requirements. It is therefore not unusual for them to build more often than perhaps other industries. Construction sites entail many risks.

The hygiene regulations are high – unfortunately it is not an isolated case of officially ordered closures. Hygiene problems in the kitchen, legionella in the water supply or seriously ill guests can be the reason.

Bauversicherung Mallorca

Construction insurance

Sometimes the excavation pit does not hold, sometimes it is the concrete ceiling or the lavabos are dismantled overnight on the construction site. Zurich’s construction insurance offers extensive protection against such events so that you can finish your house as planned.

Zurich Versicherung

Insuring house and apartment construction properly

  • All construction work and materials for your building project are covered, as well as costs arising from clean-up, damage search, demolition and reconstruction work
  • In the event of a claim, Zurich advances the liability insurer’s payment – this saves you construction delays and disputes on the construction site
  • All parties involved in the construction are insured: building owner, planners, contractors and craftsmen
  • Zurich develops flexible coverage concepts that match your building project and your needs
  • You can count on competent construction and insurance experts
  • Insured are damages caused by building accidents, vandalism and theft

By the way

Project size, sum insured, deductible, risk factors of the construction project and construction methods determine the premium of your construction insurance.

Building owner liability insurance – the protection for building owners

Misfortunes and accidents happen where construction work is done. Cracks or other damages occur in the building of the neighbour, uninvolved persons (e.g. children) are involved in an accident. The builder’s liability insurance offers the necessary protection for such events.

  • The builder’s liability insurance covers claims from personal injury and property damage and thus protects you from the financial consequences
  • Also covered are damages caused by the construction work on the neighbour’s property, although you are not directly responsible (causal liability)
  • The liability insurance for building owners fends off unfounded claims
  • Support from lawyers experienced in building law in the event of legal disputes

Our experts for construction and insurance examine complex construction projects and ensure that you are properly insured. So that your construction comes to a good end.

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